Cash App UK referral code: PZCC24Z

Cash App is an app that allows you to send money person to person. It is an alternative to PayPal and is popular in the USA. Cash App has more recently arrived in the UK and is trying to attract users. As PayPal did when it got started, they are paying people to give the App a go. You can get your free £5 using Cash App UK referral code: PZCC24Z.

There is one catch however. To get your £5 bonus, you first need to send someone £5. But there is a way around this. Read on for the instructions!

These are the instructions a friend sent me. Feel free to share them on to your friends (with your own referral code, of course):

“1. Get the app (https://cash.app/app/PZCC24Z) and if it hasn’t already done it automatically (it isn’t doing so for some people), type my referral code in using the option to do so in the main menu (PZCC24Z). This will get me my referral reward (cheers!).

2. The app will send you £5 for your first spend within 14 days. A quick way to get your fiver ASAP though and get your “spend” back instantly is to send one of your friends on the app a fiver (the app will send YOU a fiver for spending that) and then they send it straight back to you!

You will now have £10 in your account (your fiver they sent back to you, plus the fiver the app sent you). Withdraw to your account, done, you’ve made a fiver!

Then you can do what I’ve instructed above with friends using your own referral code to make fivers and make them fivers!”

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