Poku Banks vs Samuel Leeds

Property investor and trainer Samuel Leeds took on critic Poku Banks in a live debate after the TikTok influencer implied Mr Leeds was a ‘fake guru’. In the debate, Poku was extremely frank admitting that he said it for “views” and “clickbait”.

What Else Poku Banks Admits

Alongside admitting that his claim about Samuel Leeds being a ‘fake guru’ was for “views” and “clickbait”, Poku Banks makes a number of refreshingly honest revelations, perhaps due to his youth and inexperience.

In the debate Poku Banks admits to lying, says he isn’t arguing against the claim that Samuel runs a legitimate business that teaches and helps people, says Samuel’s Crash Course is “good value” and “great”, says he thinks the BBC had an agenda against Samuel, admits that the person he collaborated with for his property course is a mentee of Samuel’s student and that this person is more successful in property than him.

It is almost unbelievable that he openly admits all this after implying Mr Leeds is a ‘fake guru’. However, you can view all evidence for this in the summary I posted as a YouTube comment here.

Did Poku Banks Prove Samaul Leeds Is A ‘Fake Guru’?

Poku gave his definition of a ‘fake guru’ at the beginning of the debate saying it could be someone that presents themselves as something they are not. Samuel added to this that it is a fake teacher or expert. Poku agreed. At no point in the debate did Poku provide evidence which would fit this definition.

Later in the debate, Poku tried to change this definition claiming Samuel is a fake guru because Poku thinks Samuel markets the rent-to-rent strategy to “vulnerable people”. As the basis for this claim falls outside of the agreed definition of ‘fake guru’, in my opinion, Poku loses the debate at this point.

A Wider Problem?

Poku Banks is a young guy who ultimately, when pushed, came clean about what he was doing and why. He will no doubt learn from his mistakes and go on to do better things. But Poku’s unintentional transparency shines a light into what may be driving some of the experienced critics and professional ‘exposers’ that litter the internet.

In a previous article, I suggested that another critic of Mr Leeds may have been doing something very similar to what Poku Banks openly admitted to. Of course, unlike Poku an experienced businessman is highly unlikely to come out and say it directly.

This is not to say anyone that posts criticism of Samuel Leeds or anyone else is unjustified or simply seeking views. However, there is clearly a portion of people that appear to fit this description.

An Appeal To Honest Critics

If you are an honest critic of Samuel Leeds, it is as important for you to root these people out as it is for those that support him. If you have genuine criticisms to make they will be lost and discredited in the minds of the public if they become mixed in with the claims of fame-seeking influencers who are happy to take whichever side gets them views and clicks.

Poku Banks eventually owned up and admitted what he was doing. It is time some of the more experienced, older people playing the same game do so too. If you are an honest critic it is time to root out the charlatans in your ranks.

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