The year is 2020. The COVID-19 crisis has ground the world to a halt. The British chancellor Rishi Sunak warns of ‘significant recession’. Central banks around the world ramp up currency printing destroying the value of the public’s savings.


The world enters a global depression. Deflation followed by massive inflation fuelled by reckless currency debasement. This, coupled with the rise of China, calls the dollar standard into question. A new world monetary system rises from the ashes.

Many ordinary people are hurt by this process and the rich will get richer. However, if you were able to see what was happening early enough you now can protect your family from the worst of it and even come out ahead.

This blog aims to help you identify the opportunities and risks as we move into a new financial order.

About Aran

Aran Mathai writes on topics including property, investment and cryptocurrency. He has a degree in law and is also a passionate animal protection campaigner.