Samuel365 Blogging Challenge

Property trainer Samuel Leeds runs an online subscription service called Samuel365. Inside Samuel365 you can access unlimited 1-to-1 mentoring calls, weekly group mentoring webinars as well as premium video training, discounts for advanced training and much more.

This week Samuel Leeds issued a challenge to all his members saying:

“Here’s something you could do right now, every single person could do this – but you know what – I don’t think a single person will do this… If you do this you won’t get any results probably for a few weeks and it will take many hours but in 6 months time I Promise you you are going to be absolutely head and shoulders above everybody else!”

The challenge:

1. Create a blog. It’s free or cheap to do it.

2. Every week when Samuel and Russell Leeds do a mentoring webinar with all Samuel365 members you can turn the call into a blog post.

3. Post the blog on Facebook groups.

4. Rank your blog in search, so people looking for answers about property find it.

Samuel then set out the challenge:

“In 6 months time I don’t think one of you will still be doing weekly blogs. Prove me wrong.”

Challenge accepted!

Here are 4 lessons from the private Samuel365 mentoring webinar last week:

#1. Samuel’s Prediction: House Prices Are Doing to Go Down – 10-15% This Year.

Samuel predicts that the UK property market will go down by 10-15% this year and this will occur towards the end of the year. He says that you should ensure your deals have an appropriate cushion to absorb this shock.

#2. Rent to Serviced Accommodation Deals During Lockdown!

Take deals on now and agree with the landlord to start paying rent after the current lockdown finishes. There is less competition for R2SA at the moment so those that do it right have more opportunities.

#3. How to Get A Mortgage If You Don’t Have The Income Or Credit Score.

Start a limited company with someone that can qualify for a mortgage. You can be the majority owner of the company but they can still be on the mortgage. Check with a mortgage broker and accountant for exact details of how to do this. Samuel has done this himself both as the person that can’t get a mortgage and acting as a mortgage host.

#4. How To Get Someone Else To Do Your Property Viewings.

Either use a company called Viewber who you can pay to view properties for you or team up with builders who can do the viewing for you and give you an estimate on repairs. If you buy any of the properties you will then use the builders for the repairs. Win-win!

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